Parks Information

Parks Maintenance, Facilities, and Permits Information

City parks, sports fields, swimming pools, and the Neighborhood facility are maintained by the City of Alice Parks & Recreation Department.

Anderson Park Pavilion and Veterans Plaza Park Gazebo are reserved facilities; therefore, a permit is required to use that particular property. Also, if any park is being used for sports practice, a permit is required from the Parks & Recreation Department.
General ball field maintenance occurs year-round with more attention given just before, during and immediately following designated sports seasons. All fields require a permit for practice; permits are issued by the Parks & Recreation Department. All sports leagues listed coordinate with Parks & Recreation for use of fields, concessions, and bathrooms.


This division is responsible for the maintenance of all parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, and athletic fields in the City parks system as well as numerous other City properties. Additionally, they are responsible for the mowing of highway and railroad rights of ways and creeks within the City limits.

They also mow the pipeline rights of way from Lake Findley to Lake Corpus Christi.